UAGI UAGII Raven Ki Tzar Of Kizbit CGC CD AXJ OA NAP NJP (retired)
Parents  Grand-Parents  Great Grand-Parents 
Hemker's Lil Oscar T Grouch,
blk., PP518540/02
Youngster's Dusty Dan, blk., PP378373/01 12-95 AM CH Hells A Blazen Youngster Deva, blk., PP301499/01
Youngster's Autum In The Wind, blk, PP260219/01
Breezy Point's Ruthy, crm., PP391377/01 10-93 Paradise Dazzling Dalliance, wht, PP338366/01
Breezy Point's Sandra, brn, PP246242/02
Royal Raven Kizbit, blk., PP501005/01 11-96 Rambo Napoleon Sudeth, blk., PC1502122 Kra-Li-Mar Pepperstone, blk, PB597647
Crystal Marie Sudeth, blk, PB998998
Holly's Choc Carmel Princess, brn., PP441999/03 03-95 C J Max Lapew, blk, PB872342
Belle's Sprig Of Holly, blk, PC227288

Tzar is our first toy poodle and first agility dog. Tzar is our resident working farm dog whose responsibilities include herding up the chickens each evening.

Tzar is the sire of "Penny", (Champion G8rcreek She's All Panache), "Pearl", (G8rcreek Raise Your Glass), and "Splash" (G8rcreek Raven Lounge Lizard).

PRA prcd clear.

Tzar Flying
Tzar and Raven
Puppy Tzar with mother Raven Christmas 2000
Tigger and Tzar in Agility at Poodle Club of America National Specialty 2005
Tzar in tire Tzar Jumping
Tzar in Agility
Tzar Jumping Tzar Jumping
Tzar in Agility
Tzar in tire Tzar in tire
Tzar in Agility
Tzar on Lead
Tzar in training for his Companion Dog title
2007 Poodle Club of America Jumpers With Weaves Agility run 2007 Poodle Club of America Standard Agility run
Tzar on Lead
Tzar in retirement August 2014
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