CH G8rcreek She's All Panache (retired)
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UACH Raven Ki Tzar Of Kizbit OA AXJ NJP NAP CD,
blk., PP634039/01 11-00
Hemker's Lil Oscar T Grouch,
blk., PP518540/02
Youngster's Dusty Dan, blk., PP378373/01 12-95
Breezy Point's Ruthy, crm., PP391377/01 10-93
Royal Raven Kizbit, blk., PP501005/01 11-96 Rambo Napoleon Sudeth, blk., PC1502122
Holly's Choc Carmel Princess, brn., PP441999/03 03-95
Benmars BN'B Silver Mercedes, si., PP640818/01 Am. Ch. Ben-Mar's Zoom Zoom, wh., PP656221/01 09-01 Am. Ch. Rochars Little Mustang TP, wh., PP372537/06 03-93
Ben-Mar Mini Pearl At Darbin, wht., PP564139/02 08-98
Ben-Mar's Sulver Jewel Am. Ch. Dalin Van Halen, si., PP437516/01 12-94
BEN-MAR'S Silver Starlite

Penny is an ice white 9 inch charismatic girl who is eternally devoted to her "people". Penny started her conformation career being breeder/owner handled. After limited success but many reserves Penny went off with Sarah Perchick to finish. This team earned 3 majors in their short month long campaign.

Penny has one puppy, "Panda", (CH G8rcreek Raven All About It), and she made it count!

PRA prcd clear.

Penny3Major Penny3Major
Penny today Penny as a puppy
Penny's first points owner handled under Judges Murrel Purkhiser (pictured) and Dr. Harry Smith Jr.
Penny's Second Major with Sarah Riedl under Judge Kent Delaney
Penny's First Major handled by Sarah Riedl under Judge Marjorie Underwood
Penny's Third major and finishing win under Judge Carole Beattie
Penny in Pink
Penny sun bathing in 2016
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