CH G8rcreek Raven All About It (retired)
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Am. Ch. Sunsprite Talk The Talk,
cafe au lait., PP634039/01 11-00
Am. Ch. Darbon Ziegfeld Excellence, wh., PR135293/01 10-10 Am.Ch. Excell Extension At Ziegfeld, blk., PP650616/03 05-03
Sunsprite Darbon Rose, blk., PR088750/01 01-10
Sunsprite J-Walk TP, si., PR140512/01 10-11 Am.Ch. I Am Ziegfeld's JJ, blu., PR056056/01 05-06
Sunsprite Rhetoric Morganza, blu., PR069700/01 09-07
Am. Ch. G8rcreek She's All Panache, wh., PR114564/03 02-08 UACH Raven Ki Tzar Of Kizbit OA AXJ NJP NAP CD,
blk., PP634039/01 11-00
Hemker's Lil Oscar T Grouch,blk., PP518540/02
Royal Raven Kizbit, blk., PP501005/01 11-96
Benmars BN'B Silver Mercedes, si., PP640818/01 Am. Ch. Ben-Mar's Zoom Zoom, wh., PP656221/01 09-01
Ben-Mar's Sulver Jewel

Panda is our only puppy out of Champion Penny (CH G8rcreek She's All Panache) and our first puppy by Champion Yada (CH Sunsprite Talk The Talk).

Panda is the busy girl, always on the move until it is time to snuggle and quite the snuggler she is.

#23 Toy Poodle in the 2015 AKC National Owner Handler Series

Optigen PRA prcd clear.

Born: June 2013

photo©Olga Zamkovaya information

CHIC Certificate pdf

AKC Champion Certificate pdf

Clear Optigen PRA prcd Testing pdf

OFA PRA prcd Clear pdf

OFA PRA rcd4 Clear pdf

OFA Patella Normal pdf

2017 Normal EYES Testing pdf

Please contact us for additional information and testing.

Panda at PCA 2014 on the move
Panda has become a proficient pillow hog.
New Champion Panda. Her second Major under Judge Barbara Dempsey Alderman handled by Rhett Bockman.
Panda newly in continental pattern sleeping so sweet.
Panda's First Major
Panda's 2nd place at Poodle Club of America 2014 National Specialty
photo©Olga Zamkovaya
Panda at Poodle Club of America 2014 National Specialty
Panda's win in Elkton under Judge Carolyn Herbel
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