Sunsprite J-Walk TP (retired)
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Am.Ch. I Am Ziegfeld's JJ, blu., PR056056/01 05-06 Am.Ch. Just Jon's Just-A-Just-In', blk., PP530156/02 04-01 Am.Ch. Lyca Trickie Rickie TP, brn., PP530156/02 04-01
Avi-Tas Simply Bodacious, blk., PP395210/02 07-93
Am.Ch. I Am Just Spoiled Rotten, blk., PP650357/01 11-03 Am.Ch. Just Jon's Just-A-Just-In', blk., PP530156/02 04-01
Am.Ch. Lil Bit Spoiled Rotten, blk., PP497208/03 06-96
Sunsprite Rhetoric Morganza, blu., PR069700/01 09-07 Am.Ch. Sunsprite Spectacular, wi., PR026101/01 06-05 Am.Ch. Marsuz Be My Deuces Wild, wi., PP66461601 01-02
Am.Ch. Beaus N'Belles Passion Flower, crm., PP59191802 05-99
Sunsprite Marsuz Rhetoric, blu., PP593458/01 04-02 Am.Ch. Laurelbury Sunsprite Rhetoric, blk., PP357400/02 07-92
Mar-Suz Glory In Cream, crm., PP255935/01 07-90
"Jada" Jada's Testing

Jada is a top producer in silver and mother to "Yada", (Champion Sunsprite Talk The Talk), "Looksee", (Grand Champion G8rcreek Sunsprite I Walk The Line), "TJ", (Grand Champion G8rcreek Sunsprite Better Not J-Walk RN CGC TP), "Alfie", (Grand Champion G8rcreek Sunsprite Walk On The Far Side OA OAJ NF), "Joli" (Champion G8rcreek Sunsprite Walk On The Wild Side NA NAJ), "Pixel" (MACH2 AgMCH ATChC G8rcreek Sunsprite Too Far To Walk MXB MJB MFB TQX T2B TKN XP JT NS Silver Award of Merit EXSt Silver EXG Bronze EXS Bronze EXJ Bronze VBA MSCDC), and "Opa" (U-GCH Champion G8rcreek Sunsprite Bottoms Up).

Co-owned with Barbara Hoopes and Michael Lobinske.

Bred-by Michael Lobinske and Rhett Bockman.

Optigen PRA prcd Clear.

Jada Optigen PRA Clear pdf

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OFA PRA prcd Clear pdf

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Jada and Oliver enjoying the sun
Queen Jada holding "court" over her foot poodles
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