CH Sunsprite Talk The Talk (retired)
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Am.Ch. Darbon Ziegfeld Excellence TP
wh., PR135293/01 10-10
Am.Ch. Excell Extension At Ziegfeld, blk., PP650616/03 05-03 Am.Ch. Excell Expresso TP, brn., PP522039/03 06-98
Excel's Jessica, blk., PP522038/01 02-99
Sunsprite Darbon Rose, blk., PR088750/01 01-10 Am.Ch. Laurelbury Durandel Durango, blk., PP551216/02 07-99
Primrose Return To Rhetoric, brn., PR052368/01 09-06
Sunsprite J-Walk TP, si., PR140512/01 10-11 Am.Ch. I Am Ziegfeld's JJ, blu., PR056056/01 05-06 Am.Ch. Just Jon's Just-A-Just-In', blk., PP530156/02 04-01
Am.Ch. I Am Just Spoiled Rotten, blk., PP650357/01 11-03
Sunsprite Rhetoric Morganza, blu., PR069700/01 09-07 Am.Ch. Sunsprite Spectacular, wi., PR026101/01 06-05
Sunsprite Marsuz Rhetoric, blu., PP593458/01 04-02
"Yada" Yada's Testing

Yada is a stunning cafe au'lait boy with a comical personality. Yada is a Champion producer with his first puppy to show "Panda", (CH G8rcreek Raven All About It).

Co-owned with Michael Lobinske and Rhett Bockman.

Bred-by Michael Lobinske and Rhett Bockman.

PRA prcd Carrier.

YadaPCA Optigen PRA Carrier pdf

Yada's Dreamy expression
Yada's Finishing Major win September 2012
Yada's Major win in Biloxi September 2012
Yada's Major win August 2012
Yada's Major win May 2012
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