CH G8rcreek In My Sights
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Am.CH. Brighton & Gulian's Mercury Rising For Custom TP,
si., PR162489/01
CH Custom's Calais Troy Ounce,
si., PR123182/02 03-11
AM CH Jodan's Silver Souvenir,si., PP64673102
AM CH Customs The Chosen One TP, wi., PR052801/01 11-05
Calais Custom's Pure And Natural,
wi., PR123181/01 10-08
Cache' Customs Tax Break, wi., PR076853/02 04-05
Tawney Lee Machala TP, wi., PP663531/04 01-02
G8rcreek Blip On The Radar,
si., PR166343/01
Am.Ch. G8rcreek How Appropriate,
si., PR135293/01 10-10
Am.Ch. UACH Beaus N'Belles Tigger Too AXJ OA NJP, si., PP651144/01 05-01
G8rcreek Raven In Fantasia, si., PR075810/01 12-05
Czamist Kuuipo Ua Lani,
si., PR139449/06
Am.Ch. Royalwyn Sterling Armor, si.
Elkcreeks Honkytonk Badonkadonk, si.

Radar is a silver boy who is extremely personable. Always interested in pets and love and play.

Radar is a Bred-By Champion.

PRA prcd clear.

Co-owned with Barbara Hoopes.

RadarMajor information

Clear PawPrints PRA prcd Testing pdf

CHIC Certificate pdf

OFA PRA prcd Clear pdf

OFA Patella Normal pdf

Please contact us for additional information and testing.
Radar is a New Champion!
Radar's First Major under judge Melinda Lyons
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