GCH CH G8rcreek Sunsprite I Walk The Line (retired)
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Am.Ch. Laurelbury Classic Look
wh., PR166516/02
Laurelbury L' Eau D' Issey, red, PP660535/03 INT.CH/AM CH. Broomhill's Bougie On Down, red, PP457307/04
Laurelbury Shiseido, blk., PP529980/03
Laurelbury Carte' Blanche, blk. AM CH Hummus Of Organdy S.K. Jp, blk.
Laurelbury I Am Blanche, wi., PR001996/02
Sunsprite J-Walk TP, si., PR140512/01 10-11 Am.Ch. I Am Ziegfeld's JJ, blu., PR056056/01 05-06 Am.Ch. Just Jon's Just-A-Just-In', blk., PP530156/02 04-01
Am.Ch. I Am Just Spoiled Rotten, blk., PP650357/01 11-03
Sunsprite Rhetoric Morganza, blu., PR069700/01 09-07 Am.Ch. Sunsprite Spectacular, wi., PR026101/01 06-05
Sunsprite Marsuz Rhetoric, blu., PP593458/01 04-02
"LookSee" LookSee's Testing

LookSee is our newest puppy champion and now a Grand Champion. This blue natural showgirl finished at just 9 months old from the Bred By Exhibitor class.

#8 Toy Poodle in the 2015 AKC National Owner Handler Series

Co-owned with Michael Lobinske.

Co-bred with Michael Lobinske.

Optigen PRA prcd Clear.

photo©Olga Zamkovaya
OFA.org information

Clear Optigen PRA prcd Testing pdf

Normal Patella OFA pdf

OFA PRA prcd Clear pdf

AKC Champion Certificate pdf

AKC Grand Champion Certificate pdf

#8 Toy Poodle AKC Owner Handler Certificate for 2015 pdf
LookSee at Fun In The Sun Grooming Competition
New Grand Champion LookSee in April 2015
LookSee in Atlanta August 2014
LookSee's Best Of Variety over Specials
LookSee's 2nd place at Poodle Club of America 2014 National Specialty
photo©Olga Zamkovaya
LookSee at Poodle Club of America 2014 National Specialty
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