CH G8rcreek I Am Pizzazz (retired)
Parents  Grand-Parents  Great Grand-Parents 
Am.Ch. UACH Beaus N'Belles Tigger Too AXJ OA NJP,
si., PP651144/01 05-01
Am.Ch. Beaus n'Belles Presto Change-O
si., PP477866/01 08-97
Am.Ch. BEAUS N'BELLES SLV'R HOCUS POCUS, si., PP421956/01 12-95
Beaus n'Belles I Love Lucy, si., PP373232/01 11-95
Beaus n'Belles Angelica, si., PP57673/03 02-01 Am.Ch. CONSENTINO ANSEL, si., PP249060/02 04-92
Ben-Mar Cupie Doll at Bn'b, si., PP438356/04 03-97
Benmars BN'B Silver Mercedes, si., PP640818/01 Am. Ch. Ben-Mar's Zoom Zoom, wh., PP656221/01 09-01 Am. Ch. Rochars Little Mustang TP, wh., PP372537/06 03-93
Ben-Mar Mini Pearl At Darbin, wht., PP564139/02 08-98
Ben-Mar's Sulver Jewel Am. Ch. Dalin Van Halen, si., PP437516/01 12-94
BEN-MAR'S Silver Starlite
"Bri" Bri's Testing

Bri a.k.a. "The Silver Bullet" for her rapid and explosive crate exits is a fast and athletic girl. Bri is our first puppy champion. Bri is a half-sister to "Penny", (Champion G8rcreek She's All Panache) and though starting out as a dark silver puppy turned into the platinum silver of her sire Tigger.

Bri is the dam of "Revel", (Champion G8rcreek Revelry) and "DidIt", (Champion G8rcreek I Didit).

Bri Normal Patella OFA pdf

Bri at 7 weeks old New Champion
Bri winning the Variety handled by Matt Perchick under Judge Carol Beattie
Bri's First Major handled by Matt Perchick under Judge Michael Dougherty
Bri's Third Place at Poodle Club of America National specialty handled by Matt Perchick
Bri's Second Major and New Champion Win at Oklahoma Poodle Specialty handled by Matt Perchick
BriSnow BriSnow
Bri playing in the snow and our grooming consequences on 2-12-2010
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