CH G8rcreek Tucked Away For A Rainy Day CGC
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Am.Ch. UACH Beaus N'Belles Tigger Too AXJ OA NJP,
si., PP651144/01 05-01
Am.Ch. Beaus n'Belles Presto Change-O
si., PP477866/01 08-97
Am.Ch. BEAUS N'BELLES SLV'R HOCUS POCUS, si., PP421956/01 12-95
Beaus n'Belles I Love Lucy, si., PP373232/01 11-95
Beaus n'Belles Angelica, si., PP57673/03 02-01 Am.Ch. CONSENTINO ANSEL, si., PP249060/02 04-92
Ben-Mar Cupie Doll at Bn'b, si., PP438356/04 03-97
Beaus N'Belles Millionairess, si., PR079530/02 Beaus N'Belles Millionaire, si., PP640369/02 01-01 Beaus N Belles Aladdin, si., PP350959/02 09-92
Beaus N' Belles Luxury Liner, si., PP454430/02 06-95
Beaus N'Belles Maiden Voyage, si., PP549576/03 02-98 Wissfire Patrick, wh., PP451193/01 09-96
Beaus N' Belles Luxury Liner, si., PP454430/02 06-95
"Tuck" Tuck's Testing

Tuck is a loving platinum silver boy. This boy is simply an athletic ham who will do just about anything to make you smile!

Tuck finished his championship handled by Michael Lobinske. Thank you Mike!

PRA prcd Carrier.

Tuck6 information

CHIC Certificate pdf

Normal Patella OFA pdf

AKC Canine Good Citizen pdf

Tuck at 6 weeks
tuckInABag tuckInABag
Tuck at FITS 2015
Tuck being cute in January 2014
Tuck is a new Champion at 14 months old with handler Michael Lobinske
Tuck's Major at 13 months old with handler Michael Lobinske
Tuck waiting ringside as Poodle Club of America 2010
Tuck's head study at Poodle Club of America 2010
Tuck First Win
Tuck's first win owner handled under Judge Peggy Hauck
TuckSnow TuckSnow2
Tuck playing in the snow on 2-12-2010
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