AM CH G8rcreek Equity
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Darbon Time Is Up,
wi., PR168503/01 1-13
Am. Ch. Darbon Time Will Tell,
wh., PR122878/01 09-08
Am.Ch. Sunsprite It's About Time crm., PR068783/01 07-05
Darbon Lavender Clover,blu.
Darbon Josephine, si., PR094721/01 09-06Laurelbury Elliott
Laurelbury Calypso Josie
Sunsprite Sign The Check,
si., PR194114/01 07-16
Sunsprite Blurred Lines,
si., PP634039/01 11-00
Am.Ch. Laurelbury Wyndham Wears Silver, si., PR162584/02 01-12
Sunsprite J-Walk TP, si., PR140512/01 10-11
Mari Sunsprite Rhetoric, blu., PR172553/01 09-13 Am.Ch. Chudan's Spring Is In The Air, si., PR070066/01 05-05
Darbon Fortunately Sunsprite, wh.


Born: May 2019

PRA prcd Clear


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