Czamist Kuuipo Ua Lani (retired)
Parents  Grand-Parents  Great Grand-Parents 
Am.Ch. Royalwyn Sterling Armor
Starcrest Silver Legacy Am.Ch. Consentino's Anthony
Am.Ch. Royalwyn Silver Mariah
Am.Ch. Royalwyn Silver Jewel Penkris Silver Prophet
Am.Ch. Royalwyn Absolutely Silver TP
Elkcreeks Honkytonk Badonkadonk, si. Jordan's Silver Sunday II Jordan's Camelot Silver Sequel
Jordan's Cassandra Camelot
Am.Ch. Elkcreek's White Diamonds Am.Ch. Elk Creek's Das Es All Diamond
Elk Creek's Frosted Lace
"Mili" Mili's Testing

Mili is a beautiful silver girl who sadly did not get into the show ring as a puppy. Mili is pointed in AKC but we observed that she prefered motherhood to showing.

Mili is the mother of "Blip" (G8rcreek Blip on The Radar), "Finley" (G8rcreek If The Shoe Fits), and "Flirt" (Czamist G8rcreek ----).

Mili is Optigen PRA prcd clear.

Mili is co-owned with Mary Partridge

Bred By Mary Partridge and Jerusha Partridge

Mili Clear Optigen PRA prcd Testing pdf

Please contact us for additional information and testing.
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